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The personal injury attorneys in our Florida law firm have represented the injured in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and throughout the entire state, for over 65 years.

The Law Offices of Paul K. Schrier, PLLC take pride in aggressively providing caring and passionate legal representation for our clients and their families in cases in which the negligence of another has caused injuries. Our legal team has skilled trial lawyers, who know effective ways to fight for your legal rights and how to use successful strategies in order to obtain the largest possible monetary verdicts and settlements.

Our personal injury law firm understands accident injury cases. We have handled hundreds of car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accidents and dozens of other types of personal injuries cause by the negligence of another. No matter the injury we understand your health and recovery is the top priority and our Florida personal injury lawyers will make sure you get the compensation your need to do that.

$8.2 Million

A young girl was awarded $8.2 million after she was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Gainesville Florida, where the driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

$3 Million

A woman was awarded over $3 million by Carnival Cruises after slipping and falling on the pool deck while moving some chairs on her cruise.

$1.1 Million

A jury awarded a mother of two children $1.1 million last month after her son’s finger got caught in the door at a local supermarket in Broward County.

$3.1 Million

A Miami man was awarded $3.1 million after being rear-ended on I-95 highway by a commercial truck. He suffered many serious and permanent injuries.

$1.5 Million

A Miami patron was awarded $1.5 million from a South Florida Night Club after being shot in the back due to inadequate security.


A Miami man was awarded $980,000 for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident from an improperly maintained staircase.

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